Monday, December 3, 2007

CouchTycoon, A Social Investment Community For Micro-Investments

CouchTycoon is the Start-up I´m working on at the moment.
Mr. Idle (the phat guy on the couch) is tired of being idle and reading about any big deal rupert murdoch did, about any startup google recently grabbed or “the next big thing” any blog favors. Although he is not willing to leave his comfortable couch from where he already controls his old economy business. So in January this year he decided to start the "CouchTycoon Friends n Family Venture Network" to free people´s idle money from under the mattress instead of being idle him self. From today on his ultimate ambition is to liberate as much money from being idle as possible.
„mr.idles idle capital manifesto --- Pennys in cookie jars, rainy days savings, cents in trouser pockets, nest eggs, yens in storage shelf, centimes under the mattres --- not working money of all countries unite! Stop being idle, start risking your live for possibly paying off. Together we are stronger than rupert is, together we are smarter than bill will ever be, together we have the ‚right-er‘ touch than warren has, together we purchase killers faster than vcs do resaerch, together we do better management than mckies can imagine, together we rule. We want stop until blackstone goes green with envy. Who the fuck is Carlos? What the heck is harvard business school?“

With CouchTycoon mr. idle enables any one else of his friends and family network to participate in deals or startups. Both investors and entrepreneurs. The whole CouchTycoon friends n family network is going to be enabled to invest in “the next big thing” or in the acquisition of the empire state building by mr. idle. Starting at an amount of approx. 5 usd. On the other side mr. idle enables any network member to start a new business or a big deal as an entrepreneur as an alternative to talk to 15 venture capitalists, asking his grandmother or funding at prosper.

mr. idle loves both playing the “monopoly2.0″ on one side and acting as serious investor on the other side.

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