Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blogging With an Acer Aspire From The Couch

Since some weeks, I started to write about the exciting or funny things, which happen during the week on my blog (www.millischeckl.com). And I was surprised about my self. It makes so much fun to write some posts. And if you get some positive feedback or some comments on the articles, it is so great.
Now I decided to buy a netboook. An Acer Aspire One (official Acer Website). It is so small, light and easy to use. So i can sit on the sofa and write my texts from there. It is so crazy. I´m almost an internet freak now. But the funny story is, I went to Media Markt, to have a look for all the different netbooks on Saturday afternoon. In the department for laptops and pc; next to the TV area. There was a group of 20 men who stood around a big flatscreen watching the football game on "Premiere". Hamburg vs Dortmund, but what luck for Hamburg they won 2:1. And the women were so lucky,because they could keep shopping without pressure. When the game was over, all shopping activities suddenly stopped and the store was empty:) hmm?!

But the bad thing on this day was that I would like to have a pink netbook, but this color was sold out. So I got a white one and I like it too. My idea is now, to fly to the USA to let make a great nice picture on my white cover:) Some of you know what I´m talking about.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool with the new laptop! No pictures of you being happy though in the shop?? Brought you a little something from Sweden but heard that you were sick. Hope you'll get better soon! (I also got cold on Fri night...), Karolina

CouchTycoon said...

oh we have pictures of her being happy but we didn´t publish them;)
tell me why do you always publish comments as anonymous user??