Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Mein Restaurant", The German Version of "My Restaurant Rules"

Now here in Germany we also have the reality TV show at VOX called "Mein Restaurant" which is based on the original Australian show "My Restaurant Rules". Of course Germany is once again one of the last countries that broadcasts a show that was successful in other countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and New Zealand. Anyway, there are 5 couples from 5 cities in Germany. It is Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne and Berlin where these couples run their restaurants figthing for against each other to be allowed to keep their restaurants open. Because every week the worst restaurant of them has to shut their doors. There is a jury that decides about the concept of the restaurant and how much money each restaurant gets from the TV-show. In the jury is Tim Mälzer, Eva Marian-Gestner and Christoph. With the money they got at the beginning of the show they had to restore an old building. The buildings for the restaurants were chosen by the broadcasting station VOX. Munich´s restaurant is called "Grinsekatze",Hamburg´s restaurant was named "Graurocks", the one in Leipzig "Tessanova", the one in Cologne "copa room" and the last but not least restaurant in Berlin was named "bloom".

At the current status of the show, the restaurants are open and you can go there for lunch and dinner. You can not reseve a table in those restaurants because that is one of the rules of the game. So only the first people at the restaurant get a table. This means that you have to have quite much luck to find a table.

At the last show the jury decided, which two restaurants are to vote to be closed. You can vote by phone for the restaurant you prefer. The one with less votes has to close on November 14, 15 minutes after the vote will be closed. On November 14 there is the first vote between the two restaurants "Grinsekatze" and "Tessanova". "Grinsekartze" started to motivate people in Munich with t-shirts with the words "Yes we can" on it;) In Leizig, the team fired their cook before the decision that they are one of the nominees was announced. He was responsible for the bad food review by the jury. At least this is the opinion of the restaurants managing director.

Finally only the winning restaurant can keep the doors open for ever. The other 4 restaurants have to close. In my opinion there will be a final vote between Hamburg with the "Graurocks" vs "Grinsekatze" from Munich.

What I couldn´t understand is as follows. A lot OTHER restaurants are serving sooo bad meals that and normally those restaurants should close. And here at this show, you have five excellent restaurants and 4 of them have to close again?! Impossible! Hopefully VOX will change the show concept this way that they announce that all five restaurents stay opened at the end of the show.

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